15 mar 2011

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Todas ciudades en las que he vivido, places where i have left my heart, where i have had to buy a broom, la cite dove io sono grande, Ich bin schon!, where i have had to buy a broom, ou j'ai connaitre l'amour de ma vie!


On my last trip I discovered Africa can't be described. It was then when i understood why most of the people who go and take pictures just return impressed of how their pictures are just difficult to edit beacuse of the perfect colors, of the life and the balance and beauty of the animal life. All the pictures were taken by me, I hope you like them

Frida Kahlo

Because some persons are just meant to transcend on time..

VOGUE cover

Online magazines

Have you noticed lately online magazines are getting stronger day by day? here are 2 one of my favourites



Via Lonny magazine
Just cus i wanna go back..

10 mar 2011

El único intento nacional por defender la arquitectura mexicana e internacionalizarla un poco. Apoyemos a los que si hacen algo!